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CCIE 2021 Oral Presentation.

CCIE 2021 Online Conference will be open at 9:00 am, 16 Jan. 2022, we apreciate all the participants for your support. Part of oral presentation you can find as follow:



A Comparative Study of Several Mapping Algorithms Based on Laser SLAM

Chuanxi Wang, Xiaoyang He, Zhisheng Wang, Yi Yang, Hongjun Ma, Xiao Li, Wei Guo, Li Shao and Ling Yu
Dalian Polytechnic University, China


Research on Mirror Table Data Fusion Technology for One-Stop Service

Haisheng Liao and Yuelong Zhao
Guangdong Polytechnic of Science and Technology, China


Roadway Capacity Analysis under Connected and Automated Vehicles Environment

Zhibo Gao, Zhizhou Wu, Junxian Li,and Keke Long
University of South Florida, USA


Design of a Visualization System for Infectious Disease Transmission and Control Based on Multi-source Spatio-temporal Data

Zhen Zhen, Zhanwu Ma and Yuhui Wang
University of science and technology Liaoning, China


Visualize CNN to Understand its Evaluation of Road Network Service Level

Junxian Li, Zhoubiao Shen, Zhibo Gao and Zhizhou Wu
Tongji University, China.


An Improved ROI Encryption Algorithm for Infrared Images with Logistic System

Congli Wang and Xiong Li
Non-Commissioned Officer Academy of PAP, China.


Design and Implementation of Ornamental Fish Recognition Software Based on iOS and Deep Learning

Yuntao Zhao, Xiaoying Yue, Jiaqian Guo and Jingjing Yang
Hebei North University, China


Computer Simulation Hardware in the Loop Simulation Test Technology

Yingyu Hou, Qi Li and Ziqiang Zhang
China academy of aerospace aerodynamics, China


Dynamic Measurement Method for Available Bandwidth of 5G Bearer Network

Feng Zhao,Weidong Gao and Gang Chuai
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China


An Evaluation Method Based on K-Club Structures for Component Importance Measures of Networked Systems

Guozhen Xiong and Su Wu
Tsinghua University, China


Design and Implementation of Online Control Performance Evaluation System for Renewable Energy

Libin Yang and Zhengxi Li
State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company, China


Energy Efficiency Model of the PIES Taking into Account the Time-Varying Characteristics of Equipment Operating Conditions

Yadi Zheng, Anan Zhang, Chengqian Zhang and Luyang Gou
Southwest Petroleum University, China


Design and Implementation of Airport Security System Based on IoT Data Cloud Platform

Cheng Qian, Wenzhong Tang, Wei Xiong, Hongguang Chen and Yanyang Wang
Beihang University, China


Application of Improved Dynamic Proximity Method in Unmanned Water Quality Monitoring Ship

Keyu Wang, Wei Liu, Qun Gao, Manyu Zhao and Quanyi Li
Shandong Technology and Business University, China


Risk Assessment of Microgrid Considering Gas-thermal Coupling

Shaorong Cai, Zhiqiang He, Jiang Li, Yuxuan Tao, Shen Li, Xiaobin Yan and Hongtao Song
Southwest Petroleum University, China.


Recognition Method of Motorized Traffic Mode Based on GPS Data

Jizhao Wang, Dudu Guo and Zhizhou Wu
Xinjiang University, China.


A Method for Generating Set of Test Cases for Nuclear Power DCS Combination Based on Contract Model

Beicheng Peng, Zhi Chen, Jie Liu, Anhong Xiao, Hui Zeng, Zhiqiang Wu and Zhaojun Liu
University of South China, China


Research on Fault Location and Detection of Photovoltaic Arrays Based on IoT Applications

Dawood Mohammad Dawood, Ma Chunyan, Ashfaq Niaz and Muhammad Usman Shoukat
Taiyuan University of Technology, China.


Research on Diagnosis of Reactor Loss of Flow Accident Based on Counterfactual Reasoning

Liming Qin, Xiaohua Yang, Jie Liu, Jiayu Ma and Hua Liu
University of South China, China


An Emergency Calling System for Seniors Living in Home

Bingyi Hu, Chenqian Li, Xiaorui Shi and Mengzhu Tong
Beijing Jiaotong University, China.


A Lightweight Context-based Android Malware Detection Scheme

Xinyu Yun, Zesheng Zhu, Liming Fang and Aiping Zhang
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China


Generation Method of Nuclear Power DCS Integrated Test Case Based on Symbolic Execution

Jialong Li, Zhiqiang Wu, Jie Liu, Zhi Chen and Zhaojun Liu
University of South China, China


A Reliable Surface Defect Detection Method Based on Semantic Image Inpainting

Wenliang He, Guanghua Hu*, Huixiong Tang and Qianxi Tu
South China University of Technology, China


The Characteristics of Acoustic Emission Energy in the Process of Rock Failure

Congcong Zhao, Zilong Zhou, Yinghua Huang and Chang Liu
Central South University, China;


MyETL: A Flexible and Efficient Data Quality Profiling Framework

Nianfeng Weng, Jianjun Cao and Guoquan Jiang
National University of Defense Technology, China


License Plate Recognition System Based on SVM and ANN Neural Network

Haiyan Zhang, Zehua Zhang, Liren Zou, Jiangang Lei and Chen Song
Beijing Institute of Technology (Zhuhai), China


A Novel Approach for Community Detection via Autoencoder with Convolutional Neural Networks

Feng Guo, Xinze Li and Jing Sun
School of Information Science and Technology, North China University of Technology, Beijing, 100144, China


Research on Classification Method of Support Vector Machine Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization

Yanfen Luo
Nanchang Hangkong University, China.


Spiking Neural Network Based on Layer-wise Compensation for Event -stream Image Classification

Yongbin Jia and Danjing Li
Shanghai Institute of Technology, China


Research on Resolution of Multimode Fiber Imaging Based on Orthonormalization Method in Ghost Imaging

Xinyi Wang, Longfei Yin, Guohua Wu, Bin Luo, Pengqi Yin
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications China


Review of Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

Lu Wang, Hongwei Ma and Huanhuan Lv
Shandong Jianzhu University, China.


Pathological Prediction of Heart Disease Based on Deep Width Learning Algorithm

Mon Hian Chew, Po Yang, Peng Wu and Yuehui Chen
University of Jinan, China


Research on the Application of Self-optimizing Control Algorithm in Tuned Filters

Yi Deng, Xu He, Guojin Zhao, Kuihu Zhu and Xuewen Zhangc
Wuhan Textile University, China


Remaining Useful Life Prediction Based on CNN Method

Chang’an Wei, Shuchen Yue and Shuang Bai
Harbin Institute of Technology, China.


Research on Nonlinear System Modeling Based on Fuzzy Neural Network with WOA-ILM Algorithm

Huaijun Deng, Linna Liu and Jianyin Fang
Zhongyuan University of Technology, China.


A Fast Implementation Method of Stepped-RFT for Motion Parameter Estimation of High-velocity Weak Target using Synthetic-wideband Radar

Jinpeng Guo, Jie Wu, Yuanyuan Song and Haibo Liu
Beijing Institute of Technology, China


Research on Lightweight Face Recognition Algorithm

Lailong Yang, Shuyi Wei, Haoze Ma and Xiuxia Zhang
North Minzu University ,China


Comparative Analyses of Machine Learning Approaches for Aircraft Taxi-out Time Prediction: A Case Study in Beijing Capital International Airport, China

Jiawei He, Wei Guan, Dongdong He, Dongyang Xia and Wenyi Zhang
Ministry of Transport, Beijing Jiaotong University, China


Semantic Sentence Composition Reasoning for Multi-Hop Question Answering

Qianglong Chen
Zhejiang University, China



An Accelerated Computation Method of Extracting Curved Surface Profile Based on the Total Focusing Method of Ultrasonic Phased Array

Fan Li, Aizhou Yao, LiMin Zhu, Chenlong Yang and Yang Zhang

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China



Ship Classification Using Swin Transformer for Surveillance on Shore

Jixiang Liu, Wenli Sun and Xu Gao
Dalian Maritime University, China


Dictionary Learning Algorithm Based on Decision-making Grey Wolf Optimization

Xiuli Du, Ting Liang, Zenghui Si and Han Yu
Dalian University, Dalian, Liaoning, China


Application Research of YOLOv3 Incorporating Self-attention Mechanism

Jiaxin Zhang, Yinshan Jia and Hongfei Yu
Liaoning Petrochemical University , China


Object Detection in Maritime Scenarios Based on Swin-Transformer

Wenli Sun and Xu Gao
Dalian Maritime University, China


EEG Signal Learning Dictionary Based on Improved Empirical Wavelet Transform

Xiuli Du, Ting Liang, Yana LV, and Shaoming QIU
Dalian University, China